Attracted in a cheap, doctor-approved method for decreasing acne? Then you can try cryotherapy and freeze all those pimples off. The cryotherapy is a well-documented means to get rid of the acne, even if it has its own side effects and risks just like all the things in this world. Like any truly workable solution for acne, it is not just a miracle cure. It is just one of those many treatments that can assist in treating acne.


On the whole, cryotherapy is only suggested as the last option for stubborn cases of acne that will not go away. It is most efficient on the acne that would manifest as a big swath of white and red across the face which is usually very intense to treat with just skin creams alone. The cryotherapy takes in utilizing liquid nitrogen on the affected parts of the skin. It is applied with a cotton-tipped applicator or a cryoprobe and only on the areas that require it. This would freeze the pimples and will cause them to fall off just like a dead skin. In addition, it is a very powerful tool that offers instant results just similar to a ten ton bomb on the acne. The cryotherapy at is usually a painful method, as a part of the skin will be frozen dead.


And like similar to any ten ton bomb, the cryotherapy has also its side effects. On the whole, the skin would start to feel itchy for about a week after the cryotherapy session. But then again, there are no any serious side effects afterwards. A couple of patients would report blistering and swelling on the affected skin, though it is vital not to pick at it or attempt to get rid of it since it will just go away on its own. The formerly infected part must be washed gently at least once or twice a day and applying a tonifying oil such as lavender, coconut or jojoba oil so as to help the skin to restore its luster and shine. In addition, make sure not to wear any kinds of clothing or head covering while the skin is still in its healing process since it can easily be infected. For more info about cryotherapy, check out



The cryotherapy is famous since it is highly effective yet very affordable treatment for acne. It could cost anywhere from 300 to 600 US dollars and is lifesaver for any person who is suffering from a debilitating acne.