Cryotherapy is cold therapy, exposing your body to freezing temperatures in order to treat physical ailments. Below are some of the ways that cryotherapy can boost your health.


Cryotherapy decreases inflammation.  We know that, and we practice putting ice on swollen parts of our bodies reduces inflammation and to treat out bruises. The way cryotherapy at this website reduces inflammation, however, is throughout the body so that it can heal more than one area at a time. If there is more than one part of your body that has suffered injury, then with cryotherapy, all these areas that are suffering are automatically targeted. This therapy also reduces anxiety and fatigue when it stimulates the vagus nerve, which is the captain of your inner nerve center. It communicates nerve impulse to different organs of the body.


Athletes do strenuous activities most of the time, and with cryotherapy, they can recover fast from their activity. It strengthens joint and muscles so that athletes can sports train sooner and improve outcomes. Since muscles and tissues are not frozen, these athletes can start exercising at once. And through vasodilation, enriched blood flows back through the body. This is not like ice baths because in cryotherapy there is no need for recovery time for muscles.


It takes a lot of energy to reheat the body after cryotherapy. And in the three minutes of cryotherapy treatment, the amount of calories that you burn is 500 to 800 calories. Reheating the body to regular body temperature requires a lot of energy. To learn more about cryotherapy, visit


Cryotherapy is also known to reduce chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or general body pain. Some individuals experience a few hours of relief after, while others experience that lasts longer, even days. There are differences in effects for different individuals so results vary. And most of those who have undergone this therapy feel that it is worth the hours of pain relief later.


Cryology Cryotherapy releases endorphins into the bloodstream that helps in giving one a good mood. These endorphins interact with pain receptors to reduce the perception of pain. When cortisol levels are reduces, on feels better and happier.


With cryotherapy, the appearance of wrinkles is lessened because collagen in the skin is increased. With routine cryotherapy, the collagen matrix is rejuvenated thus improving the resilience of the skin. It also reduces the appearance of cellulite and fatty deposits on the surface of the skin.



There are just some of the benefits of cold therapy or cryotherapy. If you try it, you will experience all of these physical benefits and more.